I don’t think anyone realizes how much work the people who ‘made it’ have put into their craft. Regardless if they have a natural born talent or not, it’s their mindset and dedication that really make them stand out from the rest of us.

I’ve been waiting for years to put myself out there, too scared to post one of the poems or songs that I had written, too scared to know what might have been. A lot of this came full circle one Friday night when I was home by myself, wrapped in my favorite Target blanket, candle burning, lights dimmed, a glass of water, cafe patron, and a peppermint tea on the side; asking myself the question why was it so hard?

It’s so easy to plop in a chair, pull out my computer and just put my fingertips to the keys. To let the words that always come so naturally to me just flow; usually when I’m in the shower or the lights are out and I’m trying to go to sleep. You know, just at the worst times ever. It’s never as easy as you want it to be, in the moments you need it to be.

It’s going to be hard, you’re basically never going to feel like it. The timing will probably suck and chances are you won’t feel ready either. And that is when you put the pedal to the metal. That is when you give it your effing ALL. That is when you don’t second guess or think about it, you just go after whatever the hell IT is.

MBSFaith Flynn