Sometimes I get caught up in a slew of different things. I get torn between wanting to constantly feel grateful, needing to eat healthy, wanting to spend time with my boyfriend, trying to get a good night’s sleep, and of course knowing I should go to the gym more often. I feel pulled in a lot of different directions. We’re human, it’s bound to happen. Some days we may be shoveling in salad while other days we may be shoveling in noodles. One nourishes the body and maybe the other nourishes the soul.

Whatever direction you are being pulled in, my challenge to you is this: surrender. Allow your mind to wander wherever it may, allow your body to be pulled to whatever it is craving, and surrender your soul to the Universe. Each day we are met with different opportunities and faced with different challenges. We are in a constant state of making decisions, being decisive, and not allowing ourselves to simply just go with the flow. But I believe there is great power in surrendering to the flow in order to allow whatever is calling to you right now.

When we release our need for control, we allow ourselves to be guided.

MBS, Mind, Body, SoulFaith Flynn