Make Space

You have to make space for what you want to create. This morning as I sat down at my desk (my new beautiful desk that my fiancé built for me to have a place to write) the energy felt different. It is the 4th of July, an American flag sits outside my window, gently tossing in the wind. The sky is baby blue, no clouds, just birds passing by, people shouting about in the distance. As I sat at my desk, I went into this momentary deep meditation where I meditated on some key things that I truly want to happen in my life years down the road, but that I know I need to start working on right now. And while these milestones and successes are things that I really and truly do want in my life, I began to have an inner dialogue that made me understand why I am having these kinds of thoughts and hopes and dreams. For me, it all comes back to how can I help people? How can what I want to do in life benefit the world and the greater good? 

As I continued to meditate, I continued to really concentrate on these goals. I sat with each one and said this is what I want and this is why I want it. The why is what ultimately makes so much sense now. I kept coming back this thought: the things in my life that I want will help the people who need it most. Knowing that the life I have envisioned for myself is not just my life and is not just being lead by me, I am being lead by a force much greater than I had ever thought possible. When I had moments of doubt within this meditation, this inner voice said to me, “You are not here to do this by yourself. Let God help you to help others. Trust God. Do you trust God?” And all I could reply back was, “I do.” 

Moments later I opened my eyes. My computer was open to my vision board that I had been meditating on. I took another look at all the pieces I want to manifest and my body felt numb. I began to move my fingers and legs and a calming came over me. I could feel my faith settle in my bones and I knew I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I then looked over to my right, and the Power Thought card that lay on top of my desk said this, “Every thought I think is creating my future.” Message received.

It is in these little moments that we are searching for something that we actually aren’t meant to do anything at all, except close our eyes and listen. Have faith that life is not happening to you! It is happening for you! When our trust in the Universe comes to life we can recognize that we are truly being taken care of. 

If you aren’t sure what you need to make space for in your life, below are some questions to help get you started. Grab a pen and a notebook or even open a Google doc, and let your words flow! 

What is something that you have been hoping for?

What is something that you have been searching for?

What do you want to manifest into your life?

Where do you need to make space for something bigger to open up and grow? 

What is one thing you can do right now to make space in your life?

We can only go so far with our current mindset and that’s okay! But it is up to us to want more, to seek more and ultimately align with what we know to be our authentic truth. It is in getting into alignment that we can become crystal clear about the path that is meant for us. It is with our deepest connection to faith that we can move forward to follow our dreams and achieve our goals.

Thank you for being you and thank you for being here.

With love, faith.