Celebrate The Journey


Celebrate the journey even more than the destination.

I remember being a kid and always asking my parents the infamous, “How much longer?!” line. If we were at church they would tell me to count to 60, 60 times and then church would be over. Not a bad idea looking back. 

Now when I am on the bus commuting into work, on a plane going to spend a long weekend with a girlfriend, or even on a road trip sitting in traffic with my SO, it is a constant struggle of wanting to get somewhere and then immediately asking myself, “Why am I in a rush?” To get to work? To get out of the car or off the plane? What am I rushing to? 

As I sit on the plane right now, I am actually going to meet up with a good friend for a long weekend. I am going to do my third Girl Crush interview with her and I am so pumped! But as excited as I am to get there, to be in the sun, to catch up on all that’s going on with our lives, to plop my toosh in the sand, there are certain things I need to appreciate about this moment right here, right now. 

Silence. It’s golden for a reason! We all need silence in our lives every now and then. We need some peace and quiet. We need to unwind and unplug. And what better place than 30,000+ feet in the air. Planes are my favorite place to write. The germy little tray table and a window seat is all I need. 

The moment. Sitting on the plane, dressed in my favorite and most comfortable plane outfit, dark chocolate almond butter cups and my Swell bottle and I am good to go!

Bring yourself to the moment. There are so many other things that will pop into your head. Did you pack that dress? Is it going to rain? The questions are always going to be there and they are always going to be endless. Lean into the moment, whatever it is bringing to you. Chances are you won’t have control over the situation anyway. All we really have control over is our reaction to it.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, and surrender to it all. Surrender to the here and now. Surrender to the situation being out of your hands and into the hands of a force much greater than our own understanding.

Faith Flynn