If you've ever wondered, "How does she do it?!"

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and thought to yourself, “How the hell does she do it?” The fitness gurus, the meal preppers, the wellness whisperers, the working mom whose kids are polite and somehow put together at the same time. If everyone has the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé, why can’t we seem to get it together a little more?

I had asked myself this question many times in the last few years and I truly wanted to know the answer. People, women in particular, were crushing it in their lives and I was just sitting back and watching from the sidelines. Most of these women had 9-5’s and were pursuing their side hustles so much that they actually were happier at their day job because of it. I decided I had to get to the bottom of this. 

So.... I started Girl Crush - the platform that speaks to real women about how they find the time and motivation to pursue their side hustles and make their wildest dreams come true. 

During these interviews I love to find out where these women came from, how they discovered their passion and what are the non-negotiable’s for getting sh*t done on a daily basis. 

If this is something you’re interested in I would love to hear what side hustles you want to learn more about! Send me a message or leave a comment below! 

After all, we’re curious beings and we’re all on the lookout of how we can live our best lives. Why not learn from people who are doing their best and truly crushing it everyday? 

As always thanks so much for being here and for being you. 

With Faith.