One Year

It been one year since this journey began to show itself to me. I jumped in head first, not knowing what I was doing or where it would go. I am learning every single day. It can be easy to compare ourselves to others, some people who probably started their journey long before anyone even knew who they were. We easily forget that it takes years to become an overnight success.

Before I started a website, bought the domain, thought about content, started an Instagram, I had so-many-ideas. New ones would just pop into my head everyday and sometimes even in the middle of the night. I would get so excited thinking about all these ideas that I would forget to write them down, thinking to myself that this idea was too good and too original that I would ever forget it in the morning. I of course always forgot it in the morning.

Before this became a thing, it was nice to just think about all the possibilities that this platform could turn into. It was a gift. I was at a job that didn’t serve where I saw myself going in life, and this platform gave me an escape. It’s both extremely hard and totally awesome to see the progress I have made in a year, while working 40+ hours a week. This past year I wasn’t someone who had their head down and dropped everything to focus on my their work. This year was a year for me to figure it out as best I can. While at times I wish I was so much further than I am, I also have to remember that this year was filled with so much love and so many blessings, I really can’t wish it any other way.

There is so much beauty in acceptance. There is so much courage in vulnerability. I accept where I am in every aspect of my life and I trust in the divine timing that all things happen as they should. The real truth is that without the hard times we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good. If we want to go high we have to be comfortable feeling low. We have to listen to our hearts to know and understand that there is beauty in even the most trying of times. Above all we have to have patience, that our path is already set for us, we just have to choose to show up every single day and have faith in ourselves and in the world around us.

Girl CrushFaith Flynn